Preparing Your House To Sell

Putting your house on the market? We get it ready. Open up rooms and closets by packing away seldom used items. Get rid of things you no longer use.

  • Work with stagers to prep the home for quick sale
  • Coordinate with a realtor
  • De-clutter kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, tabletops and closets
  • Pack, label and inventory boxes to be moved or stored
  • Get rid of things no longer used
  • Re-arrange furniture to open up rooms
  • Store personal items (decor, collections, family photographs)
  • Organize the basement, attic and garage
  • Move belongings to storage
  • Drop off donations and get a receipt
  • Sell furniture and other items on consignment

Top Real Estate Agents agree that good prep and staging are essential to quick sales in today's challenging market.